Software Architecture and Development
Companies today face many challenges competing in our high-tech world. Unfortunately, technical roadblocks crop up daily to halt critical projects in their tracks. This is where we intervene!

Our software architects and engineers turn technology into an asset for you. If you are a project sponsor or a program manager, consider the following questions in addition to questions of your own to determine where your software challenges lie.

Are you...

  • Wondering how you will get your next enterprise system built?
  • Not capitalizing on the benefits of cloud-enabled software and services?
  • Unsure how to connect service capabilities to streamline your organization?
  • Uncertain whether to store your data in a relational, document, graph, object or no-sql database?
  • Seeking to develop an intuitive front-end application to drive user productivity?
  • Trying to determine which interactive data visualization graphical display will best convey the value of your data?
  • Or, would you like to replace less than optimal deployment processes with an automated continuous delivery solution?

  • For organizations needing assistance in these areas and more, we want to assure you that help is within your reach! Leveraging our experience in innovation and software delivery is a great next step toward closing gaps you have. We specialize in utilizing breakthrough open source software , affordable commercial product integration,  and cost reduction through cloud automation services.

    If your business needs help or you are interested in joining our team to deliver quality software we invite you to contact us!
    Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
    Our cyber group provides security architecture and design services, assessment & authorization (A&A) services, and information assurance to manage your organizational risks.

    Working closely with clients during system design, development and post deployment is inherent for our cybersecurity engineers. Doing so, enables our team to continuously monitor and maintain your system's performance, while also ensuring they remain compliant with industry standard security processes.

    Here is a sample of what we offer:

  • Detailed System Security Plans
  • Comprehensive Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Documents
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Services
  • Lead or Assist in Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M) Remediation Activities
  • Perform Hands-on Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Detection Services

  • At a larger scale, our cybersecurity engineers will collaborate with stakeholders, alongside software, hardware, network, and data specialists to build security into your systems from their conception.

    Need cybersecurity support or interested in a career in the field?  Contact us!
    Project Management and Integration
    Our skill in listening to our clients' challenges is a key factor in producing successful business outcomes. Before offering recommendations, we pay great attention to your needs.

    We learn about your operating environment, balance the outcomes you desire and present you with system options relative to your constraints, to deliver cost-effective solutions that's right for your budget.

    Contact us to let us know how our PMP and ITIL certified project managers and systems integrators can help you meet your business needs.